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  Vehicle & Family,   For Safety


An Integrated Real-Time GPS Tracking Solution for Family & Businesses of All Sizes

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Fleet management

Happy Family

Kids safety


A unique platform that leads you toward effective planning and decision making, assets management, and family control, all in one.

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Track fleets of all sizes

Get full control and keep a close watch on your cars, trucks, vans, or motorbikes every time, and everywhere. Manage your fleets with a single account or different accounts of your choice, and add partners. Label, edit, or group vehicles by categories, share location, add addresses, and more.

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Event: Zone in (Geofence)
Device: Iveco Stralis
Speed: 28 kph
Driver: Joel

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Reduce fuel cost and save

Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness for small and large fleets. With detailed reports track fuel costs and translate knowledge and insight into the logistic process to new and manageable solutions. 

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Automation & Reporting

Adopt data-centric security and compliance practices. Push notifications and Email Alerts are immediately sent to notify of HOS violations. Record keeping and reporting are linked to the right driver's name.

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Safeguard Children
Event: Sarah is at school
Address: Boulevard du 30 Juin
Date & time: 2022-05-18 07:50:41

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Safeguard Children

Get peace of mind 

Wearable GPS tracker with two-way communication, voice monitoring, and real-time surveillance to protect kids from abduction, brutal treatment, and any harmful effects. Special for children in need, autism, and the elderly.

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Camera Safety

Capture all driving events

Capture sensitive moments and prevent accidents with our range of high-definition AI Dash Cams and see what's happening in real-time inside and outside the vehicle. Collect and save photos for proofing and future use.

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Camera Safety

On your Phone, Tablet, and Computer!

Increase    Productivity.
Manage your fleet with ease

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About Kintrack

Kintrack is an online GPS tracking system to track objects including cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, cargo, boats, and bicycles, and to provide maximum safety for kids, pets, and adults with a 2 way-calling wearable tracker. The Kintrack App works in all countries with more than 30+ languages available.  Compatible with more than 3000+ devices.


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