GPS Tracker TK 108B Large Battery GPS Tracker System with Real Time Tracking


1. Waterproof Grade IP66.

2. Strong magnet to absorb to vehicle firmly.

3. Built-in large capacity 10000MA battery.

4. Super long time standby, 6 months if it works under “sleep by time” mode and 6.9 years if it works under “schedule” mode.

5. Real-time tracking, movement alarm, Geo-fence alarm, shock alarm, remove anti-tamper alarm.

6. Support real-time tracking by mobile applications and web platform, and you can check the exact street address by cell phone as well.

7. Built-in high sensitivity GSM and GPS antenna, no installation, convenient and fast.

TK 108B

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  • -SMS tracking on cellphone with a googlemap link to view current location on map on cellphone screen. 
    -Get absolute address by SMS
    -Android IOS app tracking 
    -Web server online tracking. Capable of monitor 10,000 objects