Fleet Management GPS Tracker Coban 103 With Live Tracking And Engine Shut Remotely


1. Show location directly on mobile phone with online tracking
2. Get physical location in real street/address name
3. Remote Engine-stop and Resume.
4. Track by Distance Interval &time
5. USB configuration (option)
6. SD card for data logging (option)
7. ACC working alarm
8. Voice surveillance
9. Multi-Geo fence
10. Less GPRS traffic
11 .automatic update positions of vehicle turns
12. Arm alarm: Door Alarm, ACC Alarm, shock sensor alarm
13. Movement alert.

14. over speed alarm
15. Power supply disconnection alarm.
16. Low battery alarm function
17. Check the vehicle status
18. Easy switch for track or monitor and switch for SMS tracking and GPRS tracking


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  • The GPS devices support phone tracking and 16 languages website tracking. (English,Spanish,Portuguese,Arabic,Thai language,Italian,German,Chinese,French...)
     Five types Tracking way:
     A>: SMS + Map software;
     B>: PDA Cell Phone;
     C>: Real time tracking, and track via your computer;
     D>: simple & useful real time tracking via our website
     E >:  IOS and Android APP