Display:1.44 inch OLED screen, resolution: 128 * 128, appearance: scratch-resistant tempered glass, color plating effect
Material:ABS+Silicone Band
Motherboard memory:ROM + R A M / 32Mbit + 32Mbit
APP system requirements:Android 4.0 system above, IOS 8.0 above
Standby time:normal standby time 2-3 days
Card Specifications:SIM card (MICRO- SIM card, support for mobile Unicom 2G / 3G)
Communication mode fast:GSM, GPRS, support frequency band: 850/900/1800/1900 quad band
Positioning System:GPS
Battery:environmentally friendly 400 mA polymer battery, docking station plug
Button:switch button + dial button
External Port:micro- USB 3.0
Languages:English, Russian, French, German, Spanish


The smart watch can connect your mobile phone, convenient for you to know the situations of your children, good smart tool for parents, you need download the APP matched with the smart watch to realize some unique and useful functions
AGPS+Inertial Location+GPS+LBS quadruple locating function, can realize real-time locating and tracking, know the location of your kids at any time and at any places, guarantee the safety of your kids
Electronic fence function: you can choose some activity areas for your kids on the APP maps, once your kids leave these areas, the APP will alarm to remind you automatically
Remote monitor function: you can send remote monitor commands to smart watch via APP, the smart watch built-in high sensitivity microphone can provides high definition monitor sound and while without any prompts on the smart watch, won’t disturb your kids
Two-way communication function: you parents can dial the smart watch, and your kids can also make a phone call to parents(max 10 reserved phone numbers)
Unique message/voice chat function, have a pleasant communication with your kids, can be also as a emergency communication mode
SOS-one key calling for help: press the “SOS” button for 3 seconds, the smart watch will auto dial the 3 reserved SOS phone number circularly, help parents to know the location and situations of their kids in time, prevent accidents occur
Call firewall function: only reserved SOS phone number can make a call with your kids(smart watch SIM card need open caller identification function)
Sleep monitor function: can monitoring and judge the sleeping quality of your kids, and let parents know that, so that can give kids a better sleeping environment
Track history check function: can view the 3 months’ sports track of the smart watch holder via the APP, convenient for you to find out your kids, can also calculate the steps of your kids
Support smart power saving mode, smart time correction function
Remote power off function: the smart watch can be shut down by buttons when have no SIM card, as long as insert the SIM card, your kids can not shut down the smart watch, only two ways to shut down: 1. Remote power off. 2. Battery cut off
Built in large capacity battery provides 48-72h standby time or 36h normal usage, when the smart watch in the low battery status, your mobile phone will receive the low battery warning, convenient for you to charge the smart watch in time
3 contextual model for choosing: class mode/sleep mode/life mode, fit different occasions

GPS Smartwatch waterproof

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