1. Plug & play design with OBD-II connector, compatible with all the vehicles with OBD-II connector, supports the following communication protocols: SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4 KWP, ISO 15765-4 CAN & SAE J1939 CAN;

2. It is the integration of GPS tracker + RFID Car alarm + Bluetooth Diagnostics;

3. Arm/disarm by SMS/phone call, or by 2.4G RFID tag automatically;

4. Check the real physical address (such as city name, street name.) directly;

5.Track by SMS/website to get the latitude, longitude, speed, direction & odometer etc.;

6. Movement alarm, Over-speed alarm, Geo-fence alarm;

7. Engine on alarm, power failure alarm, vibration alarm;

8. Anti-tamper alarm, once RFID tag is away, if the device is taken out, it will trigger this alarm;

9.Built-in shock sensor for power saving & triggering vibration alarm;

10.Monitor the voice;

11.Supports 2.4G long-distance contactless RFID ID identification function(optional);

12.Keyless RFID car alarm function(optional);

13.Accurate odometer reading directly via CAN-BUS;

14.Data logger 8Mb for offline GPS waypoint;

15. Industrial design, suitable for extremely harsh condition of work;

16. With IOS APP and Android APP;

17.Transmission of the following data via blue-tooth or GPRS: (1) Battery's voltage, RPM, speed, TPS throttle opening, engine load, coolant temperature, fuel consumption, odometer, error code & times, acceleration times & deceleration times; (2) Driver behavior data: ignition time, total driving time, total idling time, average engine hot-start time, average speed, history high speed, history RPM, total acceleration times & total deceleration times.

OBD II GPS Tracker

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